Free Car Insurance Quotes – 6 Ways to Slash Your Premium

When was the last time you compared free car insurance quotes? More than a year? More than two? According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioner (NAIC), only 20 to 35 percent of us compare car insurance rates every year. If you are part of the group, there is a possibility that you pay more for car insurance than you need. Maybe more!

But before you call and start calling an insurance company, take time to review a number of steps that can help reduce your insurance premium. Not all of these steps will apply to each individual, but there must be several items on the list that can significantly reduce your car insurance costs.

1. Make sure you tell the insurance company about the latest changes to your vehicle that can affect your insurance level. For example, have you installed an anti-theft device?

2. Think about any changes in your lifestyle that will affect your driving habits. Do you leave work to work from home? Reduction in mile drive can have a significant impact on your car insurance quote.

3. Check your budget and decide whether you can pay for all your car insurance premiums in advance. Although it can easily pay monthly or quarterly installments, insurance companies usually add administrative or financial fees to your premiums. When you compare car insurance quotes, ask each provider if they offer discounts for full paying customers in the first ten days of the policy.

4. If you have teenage drivers in your household, wait until they have a full license before adding it to your car insurance policy. Most insurance companies will extend coverage to teenagers with study permits without including them as drivers in your policy.

5. Ask about good driver car insurance. This type of policy requires placing a small tracking device in your vehicle – and then checking speed, acceleration and braking patterns. The result can be a lower premium for safe driving habits.

6. Ask about insurance pay-as-you-go or with-miles. Although not offered by every insurance company, this type of policy is becoming increasingly popular in certain countries. Programs like this reduce the premium for car owners who drive less miles, thus reducing traffic, pollution, and the risk of car accidents. According to a recent study, nearly two-thirds of households will pay less for car insurance based on this type of plan, resulting in an average savings of $ 270 per car per year.

Car Insurance Quotes – The Hot Half Dozen Tips

The world of online car insurance quotes can be a real choice minefield, with hundreds of insurance companies trying to persuade you with the lowest prices and discounted offers. As smart consumers know, price is not everything, and there are many other factors that need to be considered before signing a dotted line.

That said, everyone wants to save a few dollars on their car insurance quote, freeing money for other needs. Fortunately, there are several easy and cost-effective ways to cut a large portion of your monthly insurance bill. These tips are worth a few dollars and a little time, but they will make the insurance company see you as a much lower risk. Insurance companies will not tell you this, because they want you to pay a higher rate than you need. These tips will allow you to beat them in their own games.

1) Even though it is difficult in a current crisis, try to pay off credit card debt or unpaid bills. Car insurance companies see you as a high risk if you have credit problems, so it will soar at a pretty premium.

2) Invest a few dollars in a car alarm system and immobilizer. Even the steering wheel lock found in an automatic hardware store will save you money.

3) If you have a garage, leave space for your vehicle and buy a sturdy padlock. You can now safely check the box asking if you have secure off-street parking. This will shave a few more dollars from your quote.

4) If you are a family with more than one car, look at buying joint insurance with the same company. This will not only reduce your overall car insurance offer, but this may be the only cost-effective option for young drivers.

5) Maximize what you have. For example, some vehicles are rated very high for safety, so don’t be afraid to broadcast them to agents. You want a cheap car insurance quote; they want a commission – now you can encourage difficult bargaining.

6) If you think about new or used cars, think about insurance ratings when you buy. Most insurance companies use a ranking system, which is based on the size and safety of the machine, to produce quotes. Check rank before you buy – it only takes a few minutes and can save a large amount.

This only scratches the surface to lower the price of your car insurance, but these tips can save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance. Well prepared, you can start shopping to get the cheapest online car insurance.

This only scratches the surface to lower the price of your car insurance, but these tips can save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance. Well prepared, you can start shopping to get the cheapest online car insurance.